First day in Jerusalem

Aqsa at night

The team started the morning visiting Al-Aqsa Mosque at the time of early morning prayers for Muslims. Inside the Al-Aqsa complex there is also the beautiful Dome of the rock both of which are extremely important locations for Muslim people. Close by can also be found the Western Wall which is one of the holiest sites for people of the Jewish faith and also the Church of the Holy Sepulchre where it is believed by some that Jesus Christ was crucified and also where He is said to have been buried and resurrected. After breakfast the team spent the rest of the day on a guided tour around Jerusalem soaking in the amazing sites.



Unfortunately Ferhan and Attiq spent the whole day trying to cross over from Jordan into Jerusalem and were kept waiting for 8 hours. They were finally allowed across after all of the dental materials and equipment was  seized by the Israeli authorities. Jerusalem is an amazing place with a rich history and despite the ongoing conflicts in the region it is very tranquil for visitors.


Midnight meeting

At midnight the team all sat together for a crisis meeting to figure out our next steps Two local dentists read about our trip on the DAN Facebook page and joined us for the meeting. One of the local dentists donated 9 brand new high speed handpieces – how amazing is that!

All we need now is some slow speed handpieces and we are rocking!! The day has gone from feeling robbed and angry to being blessed and utterly elated.