Kashmir 2015 – The Journey Begins

It is a pleasure to be working with the Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust (KORT) for our dental aid trip this year. KORT is dedicated to helping the orphans of Kashmir, whose lives were torn apart following the devastating earthquake on the 8th of October 2005. We are planning to provide dental treatment and oral health education for the children of KORT.

The DAN volunteers for this years dental aid trip met in Manchester airport so that they can fly out together. A few of the volunteers already knew each other but it was a great opportunity for everyone to have a chat and get ready for the week ahead and we got to carry out the first test of our selfie stick.

DAN Kashmir team in manchester airport

Kashmir team in manchester airport

It was an evening flight to Islamabad on the 6th of October which arrived early on the 7th of October. On arrival the first stop was to visit a local dental supplies company who almost gave us the materials away when he heard about the mission. Following this we managed to get some sight seeing around Islamabad and some down time.