DAN symposium evening

Another excellent mission day for Team DAN. Despite the constant power cuts the DAN team operating 3 full time surgeries treating the lovely children of KORT. Only 2 more full days treatment left it will require some over time to ensure our children receive the complete care they deserve and our dedicated team is ready to do that and more if necessary. We are all in love with these wonderful orphaned children.

Kashmir day 4
The evening was spent hosting the DAN dental symposium. 3 members of our team delivering educational lectures to the local dentists. All the presentations were very well received. The Kashmir TV news station covered the symposium and will be joining us in the hospital tomorrow as part of a documentary that will be aired on national TV. Our DAN team were presented with awards for their work with the Kashmir community and DAN also presented awards to some of the local dentists that have facilitated and supported our mission.

We were all awake late signing off 165 Certificates of Dental Health for the children which we hope to present to them on our final day. Needless to say the team is exhausted after such a busy day but we’re loving every minute of it.

Kashmir symposium