Back home

We are all back home now and are getting ready to start back at work in a few days but it is fair to say that our hearts are still with everyone that we met during our trip in Palestine. The hospitality we received from everyone was amazing and it was a truly amazing experience to have the opportunity to help the children we treated. The trip has been a life changing one for everyone involved.

The donations received from our friends, family and colleagues was overwhelming and greatly surpassed our needs and expectations which has left us with a substantial surplus of funds. We have several ideas how we can utilise these funds ranging from setting up a free dental clinic in the region to purchasing dental chairs for people in Gaza. We are all going to get some rest and will reflect upon the past couple of weeks before the DAN team meet up to decide the best way forward and we will ensure to keep everyone up to date.

We would like to extend a big THANK YOU to everyone that has helped us during our first successful trip.