Arrived in Mirpur

Day 2 of our Kashmir dental aid mission and we have arrived in Mirpur. The main government hospital of Mirpur will be our base from where we hope to treat close to 200 orphan children. Today marked the 10 year anniversary of the tragic earthquake in Kashmir that resulted in all these children being orphaned.

The children had organised a commemoration ceremony attended by 500 guests. Since the earthquake, Kashmir Orphan Relief Trust (KORT), have taken over the care of the children and transformed the once bereft children into confident, talented and exuberent bright young things.

They recited versed from the Quran, read poetry, sand and gave a dramatic performance that brought tears to our eyes. Local ministers and celebreties praised their talents, their spirit and gave thanks to KORT for their hard work. The DAN team was invited onto the stage to speak and our message was simple -> we are honoured to be invited to Kashmir to help such amazing children. May their futures be as bright as the smiles on their beautiful faces.

Tomorrow we will visit the KORT centre to give the children and teachers educational seminars on oral heal prior to commencing the treatment days.KORT anniversary