Greece – August 2018

Day 1

Team DAN are honoured to have been invited by our friends at Health-Point Foundation (HPF) on the island of Lesbos, Greece to provide essential dental treatment to our refugee friends.

We arrived at our clinic at Moria camp with a queue of patients waiting to be seen. There are currently approximately 7000 people in Moria camp. After initial triaging, we were able to see and treat all patients who had presented in pain. Our first clinical day was busy yet the organisation from our HPF colleagues ensured the day was efficient and ran smoothly.

All in all, a productive and enjoyable day and the team are raring to go again tomorrow.


Greece day 1


Day 2 & 3

Over the last few days, the DAN team has continued to see and treat many of our refugee friends in Moria Camp. There is a great diversity to the camp, with people from various countries and many different languages spoken, all who have fled very difficult situations to find some level of peace and safety for their families and themselves.

The clinical work has varied from treating patients in acute pain, providing definitive restorative treatment, as well as a big focus on prevention and education. Our refugee friends have shown great generosity towards team DAN, with many of our patients thanking them for their help, offering prayers and good wishes, as well as offers of free haircuts from the local barber!

The team will continue to be on the ground for the next few days, working with our colleagues from HPF to provide essential dental treatment for refugees.




Final update

For the past week, the DAN team have been working in the Moria Refugee camp in Lesbos, Greece.

In collaboration with our humanitarian aid colleagues at Health-Point Foundation (HPF), we have been able to provide emergency and essential dental treatment to over 100 of our refugee friends. The situation for many of the refugees remains very difficult, and this is compounded even further by oral health diseases.

The team has had a highly productive and rewarding week. The range of treatments provided has varied from managing acute pain, to restorative dental procedures, as well as a big focus on prevention and oral health education for all of our patients.

In keeping with our mission statement of providing dental relief to the less fortunate and enabling them to live healthier lives, Project Greece 2018 has been highly successful. We thank our colleagues at HPF and the DAN team look forward to our upcoming overseas missions.