What is the daily itinerary?

This will be customised to each trip and you will be given more details in your induction information booklet  nearer the departure date. Each trip normally has 5 days of treatment with a day or so travelling and sightseeing before and/or after. Each treatment day tends to be busy and so we try to have a half day midweek to let everyone unwind and also we aim to provide a cpd evening for the local dentists on this evening.

We normally have the use of local dental surgeries that are kindly given to us for use and before the clinical days begin we would spend a session setting up and organising our clinics. For the first clinical day we try to assess all of the patients and then arrange appointments for the rest of the week. The treatment days start early and tend to be full on. There is a break for lunch and we aim to finish by 6pm but it is not uncommon for volunteers to work through lunch and into the evening to try and provide as much treatment as possible. In the evening the team meet for a debrief and to discuss the day’s activities before enjoying an evening meal and some time to relax. We also place a strong emphasis on oral health education and so we take turns to provide clinical treatment and to provide oral health education to the waiting patients.